Autumnal Equinox

Another lovely weekend. This is the last one before my big BCBA test next week, so I stay close to home. Really, I can’t think of a nicer place to be anyway. Saturday went to the library and got a big stack of sailing books then went to Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, located on the shore of the Merrimac River. I had spotted the shop on a bike ride several weeks ago and noticed the inviting “come row” sign on the fence and some wooden dories bobbing in the water below the shop. The same week I found an acknowledgement to the folks at Lowell’s in the back of the book I was finishing about dories in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.





I lucked out and made it to their open house this week where I learned that Lowell’s is the oldest continually run boat shop in the country and that seven generations of boat makers worked there! It is still a working boat shop, where you can smell the wood, see the years of wear on the floors and stairs, and feel the breeze coming through the rows of windows off the Merrimac. The familiar “shop” details were present: sawdust covered coffee maker, templates handing from the walls, years of built-up paint drips casting patterns on the floor. They have classes in rowing and boat building! Thinking of joining and taking a dory building class in the spring in preparation for getting out on the water next year…

Also visited lovely Maudsley Park where they had their fall art walk.




And, of course, went for a swim in the creek (perfect mid-day high tide). Saw a man with an English accent and a dog both days! I think the pup enjoyed the water as much as I did. Very high tide! The man said that two days after the full moon is the highest, called “spring tide.”



“hipstamatic” quality courtesy of extra sunshine



The big green field






More happiness




To remember in the depths of winter : )



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