Willey, Field and…..

Finally returned for Tom. In one of our first hikes, mom and Cori and I went up to the range and were treated to-surprise-springtime icy snowpack in May.

ImageCori, me, and mom (Willey and Field not pictured) in 2008

ImageCrawford Notch 2013

ImageThe Depot

ImageWhat a view! Thanks, Tom!


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Carter Dome and Mt. Height

A first visit to the mid-section of the Carter-Moriah Range:ImageNineteen Mile Brook Trail

ImageLovely Carter Notch with Carter Hut and mountain ponds

ImageA helicopter came for four or five pick ups while I was having a breakfast bagel by the pond.

ImageView from the Carter-Moriah Trail of the hut, the pond, and the “Ramparts” rock tumble area from the back of Carter Dome

ImageCarter Dome (Is it just me or does this cairn look like a little beanie hat for the “dome”?)

ImageView of the Presidential Range from Mt. Height (You can’t tell from the photo but was windy and chilly up there! Glad I brought my mittens!)

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“We are now ready to start

on our way down the Great Unknown…

We have an unknown distance yet to run;

an unknown river yet to explore.”

–John Wesley Powell


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